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Jennifer Lawrence took a break from shooting the upcoming X-Men: First Class to promote her critically praised independent drama Winter's Bone and to answer a few questions about playing the blue-skinned, mutant shapeshifter Mystique in First Class. Though Lawrence has been shooting the movie for a month already, she told Hollywood Elsewhere that she won't appear in her blue form for too long.

I'm only Mystique for 10% of the movie, I have done a lot of Mystique or "Mystink" as I like to call it. Probably like 10 or 11 times.

The "Mystink" moniker applies to the blue make-up that Lawrence wears for the character. The make-up takes about six hours to apply, about 3-4 hours less than Rebecca Romijn, her predecessor from the previous X-Men trilogy. No sneak peeks will be allowed, however, as Lawrence revealed that the producers hope to keep her look under wraps until closer to the movie's June 3, 2011, release date.

Lawrence also revealed another tidbit about another character in the movie, that being Angel Salvadore, who will be played by Zoe Kravitz. The character caused some confusion after Kravitz first won the role, since another winged character, Warren Worthington III, also went by the name "Angel." Lawrence revealed that Kravitz's Angel will have wings that will "appear out of tattoos on her back."

Lawrence also mentioned that her First Class director, Matthew Vaughn, did not cast her after seeing her performance in Bone, and has not, in fact, ever seen the movie. Perhaps he will be able to when First Class wraps production, which Lawrence says should be sometime in December.

I used to walk around and be like, "Oh, my gosh — I'm naked!" But now I could walk in the street and people could start touching me and I would just wait for them to finish and I'd keep walking. I have, like, no modesty left.

Lawrence was recently photographed on the First Class set with James McAvoy, sans blue make-up. Working with the Scottish actor has not been a problem for Lawrence. "He's adorable," said the actress. "He's not bad to look at all day."

Lawrence's scenes with McAvoy, who plays a young Professor X, imply that her character won't be exactly like the villain that Rebecca Romijn portrayed in the previous X-Men trilogy. Lawrence told MTV that her character is a "good girl."

I play a good girl. At first. My favorite thing that I saw in the script is that she has a very distinct beginning, middle and end. I love that in any story. She goes through something and comes out on the other side. It's weird to say about a shape-shifter, but she really morphs.

Lawrence expanded on where her character is during the prequel-days of First Class in an interview with SuperHeroHype.

This is before she became the Mystique that we know her as, the mutant-and-proud, the tough girl. This is when she's an insecure teenage girl — insecure about her hidden secret thing, a mutant, of being blue.

The role is Lawrence's first in a big-budget movie, and she admitted to The Press Association that she's still adjusting to the fame that comes with appearing in First Class. Lawrence said that she and a friend were hounded by photographers just days after her casting in First Class was announced.

And then they started taking my picture, and [my friend] goes, "No way!" And I was like, "No, definitely not. It can't be [for] me." Then we heard someone yell, "Don't take pictures of Mystique when she's in human form!" We both looked at each other, and she goes, "I am so happy I was here for that, because you are never going to live that down."

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